Organizing Services for People in Transition

Decluttering Your Space

In the world of things, it's easier than we expect to find ourselves with an overflowing "in box" and not know where to start letting go of what's too much. If your garage, basement, spare room, closet, cupboards or drawers look (or feel) like this... I can help. 

When I come into your home or office, I intend to leave you with a system, structure or process that better serves your life. We'll discuss your goals, hopes, plans, and what's worked or not so far. Then we'll begin with your strongest desire or biggest pain point. It's up to you.

Life's Big Changes

Whether you're an expecting parent, an elder in transition, moving, downsizing, or need bereavement support... Beauty Way Collective's Organizing Services provide a layer of support and an extra set of hands. Life's Big Changes almost always stir up more than dust in our cupboards. You can trust me to be present, sensitive, and respectful of the often complex dynamics involved in your experience. My goal is to give you a felt sense of safety, support and confidence as you move to the next stage on your journey.

Business Services

You can count on my problem-solving, versatility, adaptability, multitasking, and organizing, when you're streamlining systems and processes. Beauty Way Collective's Business Services utilize my relational gifts, organizing skills and 20+ years of accounting experience to help friendly companies improve their systems, and serve their clients with happiness and high integrity. I learn new software easily and have experience with programs like Quickbooks, Great Plains, Marketron, AASI, FACTS, and Microsoft Office.


  "Strangled by decades of stuff and mountains of clothes, Steph helped me unburden my life and allowed me the space and breath to find changes in my own life. Felt like hitting the reset button. The best part of the experience (except for the change) was spending time with Steph. She led the charge while allowing me to go at my own pace..." ~ Jason D.

"Stephanie surpassed any expectations I'd ever had for our Company's systems and organizational assistance. She never had an idea that was presented to me that I disagreed with. The best part is that she took the ideas and worked them through to total completion without a single interruption to any of the other assistants and minimal to mine. Stephanie is one of the intelligent and innovative people I have known. I have been blessed to know her and work beside her." ~ Susan. K

My Rates

 It doesn't cost a thing to talk on the phone or have me come take a look at your project. We can chat & learn a little about each other. Then we'll know if I makes sense to work together. After that, my rates are simple:


Mainly serving the Denver Metro area, I charge for one-way travel distance for project locations 15+ miles from my home. (If we're 30 minutes away, I'll charge for the time to get to your location, but not for me to get home).

You can pay me at the end of each day we work together - checks, cash, money order or credit card are fine for me. That way we both feel clean and present to the most important thing ~ moving you forward toward your goal.


"Such a blessing having Stephanie come to my home and organize my large closet. She made the process so painless. She's a very talented and sincere person that really helps.  Definitely would recommend her for any of your organizing needs. Thanks, Stephanie!" ~ Allura J.

  "The VERY BEST organizer EVER! Stephanie DeRosier

Too much stuff and not enough hiding places! Stephanie was amazing. She came on time and without much supervision (I work from home) she organized and helped me get rid of 3 big trash bags of s__t! Our next attack is my office. If you need help organizing, I, without a moment's reservation or pause, recommend Stephanie." ~ Artemis B.

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Why I Love Organizing

 I'm from a family of creatives and collectors. This means things pile up, creative explosions happen, order unravels then finds itself again at a higher, more intentional level. It's a beautiful process from a distance and sometimes crazy-making in the details. You will find my world warm & cozy, often changing, sometimes pristine, and generally with a stack (or seven) on at least one of the horizontal surfaces. It's the form Perfection takes in my life today.  Seeing the difference in people's lives when the things they love (or want to get rid of) have found their "put away place" is so rewarding. It's a happy meditation that lets me move my body and be of service in my community.