Spiritual Services for Lives in Transition

Akashic Readings

 Imagine life on Earth like the Holodeck on Star Trek. We enter this space to gain experience, learn lessons, heal and grow. The events and people in our lives act as sign posts and guides to help us along our Path and to get the most out of this Journey. We travel in 'soul packs'; our greatest spiritual allies may even be our adversaries in this lifetime.

All around us, symbolism, metaphor, archetypes and patterns (with elements of randomness and chaos) are here to answer our deepest questions. We are simply surrounded by a Loving Universe that wants to help us know ourselves. :)

 Akashic Readings access a person's soul records, connect with their Spiritual Guides, Teachers,  Masters and Lords of the Records to offer insight to life's deeper questions. Why do I love this person? Struggle with this relationship/job/decision? How can I live my soul's purpose? What do my Spiritual Guides and Angels want for me?

 Contact Stephanie to learn more about Akashic Readings or to schedule an appointment. 

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Cameron Gray. Please visit https://parablevisions.com/.

My work is dedicated to supporting the soul's journey through many lifetimes. As we travel in the physical world, our flesh takes the journey with our mind and spirit, recording everything along the way.

Because we all buy "round trip tickets" when we come here, my goal is to support the conscious experience of life's transitions - birth, marriage, divorce, relocation, aging, dying, or other natural processes - even when they feel difficult.

I use reiki, other hands-on energy balancing techniques, and essential oils to help my clients in their process, with an emphasis on bearing witness to their inherent wisdom and healing ability.

Simple processes can have a powerful effect. I like to meet clients for two sessions, close together, and then give the treatments time to do their work. Contact Stephanie to learn more about energy balancing services or to schedule an appointment.

 (The image above is by the incredible human potential artist, Cameron Gray.  Please visit his website https://parablevisions.com/ to learn more about his work.) 

Women's Writing Workshop

We all have stories that define our lives. Our perception of relationships, our fears hopes and dreams. And anytime, whether we realize it or not, we have permission to rewrite those stories. Though the events may remain the same, the meaning we assign is up to us. Our painful memories can be used as tools for our empowerment and healing. In this small group workshop, we work together to set intentions, discuss our needs & desires, and use our favorite creative mediums to tell our stories in a new way.   

Contact Stephanie to discuss your group's needs or schedule a workshop.

"Simple Quest" Workshop

Eagle Scout, Rob Clement, leads this day long, nature-based workshop designed to empower individuals to release their burdens and gain greater alignment with their inner truths. Sometimes a simple change in perspective is all that's needed to redefine our experience of our history and our potential. Nature is the ultimate healing ground, letting one put to rest what is no longer needed and give birth to new growth. 

  Contact Rob to discuss your group's needs or schedule a workshop.