Pre & Perinatal Education for a World in Transition


Our schools are the day jobs for the "Elders of the Future". Educators, dedicated to the care and guidance of today's youth, understand the importance of building trust, strengthening bonds, builds trust, and deepening their understanding of the human condition. Pre & perinatal psychology offers simple, powerful tools for adult-child relationships, in all the forms they take.


Non-Profit Organizations, each in their own way,  strive to elevate our world. The human element is always present in this equation. Pre & perinatal psychology provides us with helpful insight into the deepest "why" questions in our behavior, offering valuable pieces to the puzzles we seek to solve.


Families, in every imaginable design, need support and understanding as they navigate the hard work of daily life. Pre & perinatal psychology tools offer gifts of patience, compassion, tolerance, and freedom. We learn new ways to love ourselves and each other. And our children appreciate the effort.


Everyone who has been born deserves access to pre & perinatal education. There are a growing number of resources. Here's a great place to start:

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