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About Stephanie

Hi! My name is Stephanie DeRosier. In this lifetime, I'm a mom, writer, pre & perinatal educator, energy organizer, problem solver, and healer. My background is eclectic and filled with twists and turns. Like any braided fabric, each strand has more power and meaning  in relationship to the others. My strands came together slowly over time as a combination of life forces worked together to unite me with myself.

Lessons from the Journey

 Thirty years in the accounting/office world gave me a deep appreciation for systems and efficiency. It also taught me that I love projects, but not repetition. Fifteen years in the creative & healing arts world showed me the power and satisfaction we can get from healing, growth, and personal expression.Becoming a mother gave me the strength to see and travel life's transitions in a more conscious, intentional way. I found patience, perseverance, healing, and unexpected wisdom.

About The Beauty Way

It's about treading lightly, living in harmony with your world, and leaving people, places, and situations better than you found them. Sometimes that means leaving well enough alone (an important lesson for "helpers" like me).  The Beauty Collective is my personal vehicle for sharing my collection of gifts, passions, and skills... in the spirit of The Beauty Way.

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